Gerry Waldron, Seated Male, 2010, terracotta sculpture

"The honesty of Gerry Waldron's work unnerves as well as engages the viewer... His sculptures are dramas without incident or narrative, haunting in their quality and disturbing in their frankness."

Gerry Waldron is a sculptor and painter based
in Kensington, London and Mullingar, in the
Republic of Ireland.

He has been sculpting at the Park Walk Studios in Chelsea as a student at Kensington & Chelsea College since 1999. His enthusiasm for the ‘elemental simplicity’ of working in clay stems from his admiration of the fact that one can breathe life into earth and water, dry it in the air and fire it in the kiln. He considers this a wondrous experience, literally a process of mind into matter. Sometimes his fired terracotta pieces are polished with waxes or occasionally cast in bronze.

Gerry paints at his Lough Ennell studio/gallery near his hometown of Mullingar. Recently he has particularly enjoyed combining his love of music with his predilection
for the triptych format, through his "Improvised Concerto" series.

**News: Published June 2013**
"Image and Likeness: Sculpture by G P Waldron"